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What is Precision Agriculture?

Precision Agriculture, also known as Precision Farming or Agriculture 4.0, which is the key to more efficient and sustainable farms, allowing farmers to better manage their resources, and workforce and building an efficient farming management, and increase their productivity and crop yield, driving substantial growth in profits.

Challenge of implementing Precision Agriculture: no connectivity due to limitation of infrastructure

Having the connectivity is however the key to implement Precision Agriculture, since it's enabled by Internet of Things. However, due to the lack of infrastructure, most rural areas have poor cellular coverage, and the countries that produce the majority of the world's food are vast in size. The lack of connectivity in agriculture has been a long-standing problem.

Fastcom's offering: satellite IoT connectivity under standard 5G NTN NB-IoT protocol

But now, it's no longer an issue! Using our low-orbit satellite constellation, we will provide global coverage without a gap under the standard 5G NTN NB-IoT protocol, commercial NB-IoT devices can connect directly to Space from any location in the world. Better connectivity and at low cost.

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