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Fastcom offers customers a reliable internet connection. There is no need to worry about slow downloads, hidden costs, line rental fees or busy signals anymore. Fastcom provides lower latency and faster, more consistent speeds than mobile broadband.

You can check if your house or office is within the Fastcom coverage area by sending your coordinates to Or you can speak to one of our sales representatives who will check for you.

As our service relies on line of sight to the transmitter, we need to be 100% sure that you can get connected to Fastcom broadband. To do this, one of our engineers conducts a site survey and signal test at your premises. Line of sight is critical to our service as the transmitter we install on your premises must have a direct line of sight to our transmitter base station. Obstructions such as trees, mountains and other natural obstacles can result in loss of signal.

Once you sign up to one of our broadband packages we will schedule an installation date and arrange the on-site survey. If there is a problem with receiving a signal, the installation will be cancelled and installation changes will be completely refunded.

Once there is a signal, the engineer will proceed with the installation. A small antenna will be attached to your home or office and a cable will be brought inside to carry the internet service in from the antenna.

The cable we provide is then plugged directly into your computer or your wireless router. The antenna will receive a signal from one of our many base station transmitters.

Contact Fastcom on 1890 71 71 71 or 071 917 4092 and a sales agent will explain the order process for you.

Alternatively complete the order now section on the website and a Fastcom representative will contact you. Installation takes place within 10 working days of receipt of order.

  1. A full site survey is carried out to determine line of sight to the nearest base station.
  2. An antenna is installed on your roof or building by a fully trained and accredited Fastcom engineer.
  3. A data cable and power supply unit is delivered where you can plug in your computer or your wireless router.
  4. Up to 3 hours labour and 20 metres of cable included in our standard install.
  5. Radio signal strength test is carried out to ensure optimum performance.
  6. Bandwidth management system is initiated to ensure minimum contention.

Fastcom broadband is a high speed fixed broadband service. Instead of using a phone line or cable to receive broadband, Fastcom fixed broadband uses radio technology to connect your home or office to the internet.

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  • Line of site (LOS) – Line of sight is critical to our service. Fastcom provides broadband using radio waves. The transmitter we install on your premises must have unencumbered line of site to our transmitter base station as illustrated in the diagram below.
  • Distance – Distance from the transmitter station can result in slower speeds or loss of signal.
  • Local obstructions – Trees, mountains and other natural obstacles can result in loss of signal.
  • The antenna will be placed similar to a TV aerial on your roof or wall of your building. Our installers will mount the antenna as unobtrusively as possible.
  • Please note that if you are located in a listed or preserved building, additional permissions are required.
  • The Fastcom engineer will then run a cable from the antenna into a room in your house. You can insert that cable directly into your computer. If you wish to make your home wireless in order to connect multiple devices, then you will require a wireless router. Customers can purchase a wireless router from Fastcom as additional hardware. They are not part of the standard service supplied by Fastcom. However, they are dispatched to you pre-configured, so it’s a plug and play solution.
  1. A computer/laptop.
  2. Line of Site to our transmitter station. When you sign up with Fastcom, our service engineers conduct a number of tests to ensure that you can avail of the service on the day of installation.
  3. For multiple users or multiple devices you will be required to purchase a wireless router.
  4. Your PC will require the following:
  • Ethernet Port – an opening on computer network equipment that the Ethernet cable is plugged into.
  • Some desktop computers may need a wireless card/USB if you wish to use a wireless router.

The following are how we define some of the terms used on our web site:

  • Advertised speeds – This is the speed used in the description of the packages we sell. I.e., our entry level service is described as “up to” 6Mb because the service is provided at the highest possible speed that your signal can support up to the 6Mb speed.
  • Throughput speed (also known as ‘Connection Speed’) – This is the actual speed experienced when you are connected to the internet. This figure is often dependent on many factors, from the number of subscribers online at the same time to the number of people accessing the same web sites that you are. Throughput can vary from day to day or intervals within the same day.

After install you have a 14-day cooling off period. Should you wish to cancel during this period please make contact with our customer care team. All new customers receive a courtesy call after install to ensure all is working well and to answer any queries the customer may have.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to get a faster broadband product:

  • You may live too far from the transmitter station which adds noise to the connection itself which then allows less data to be passed to you.
  • There may be local or remote frequency interference which could affect quality of your connection.
  • There may be local obstructions causing Line of Site issues for your connection.

Fastcom’s phone service works just like an ordinary telephone with the only difference being that your telephone works via our broadband connection instead of over Eir’s telephone network.

Fastcom’s phone service also offers you the benefit of making high quality, local, long distance and international calls for less.

Since our service uses broadband, you are not charged for line rental. You continue to make and receive calls in exactly the same way as you do with your current telephone connection but you save over €300 a year in line rental fees.

No, you do not need a phone line or need to pay line rental ever again if you choose our broadband and phone bundle. If you have been told by Eir or another broadband provider that your telephone line cannot support broadband but are continuing to pay line rental fees, then this service is great for you. We will provide you with a geographic number or you can keep your existing number by porting it to Fastcom.

The service depends on access to an electricity supply. In the event of a power failure we advise customers to use alternative arrangements such as a mobile phone in case of an emergency.

You can port your existing telephone number to Fastcom for free. Please note that this process can take up to 14 working days. Fastcom will not process the porting request until your broadband service has been installed.

Not yet. If you are transferring/porting your number to Fastcom, then you will have to wait until we process your request. You will lose your existing telephone number if you cancel it prior to porting with Fastcom. Once your number is ported to Fastcom we will let you know and then you can cancel with your phone provider. Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to cancel their phone account with their previous provider.

We will provide you with a new number free of charge.

Fastcom do not have UAN’s. If you are porting your number to another provider, please call our office for instruction on how to do so.

Unfortunately, some monitored alarm systems or other monitoring devices or services that require a connection to a phone line may not be compatible with Fastcom’s VoIP service. You should contact your provider to check compatibility.

Sometimes Sky requires its customers to have a fixed telephone line for multi-room. As our telephone service does not use a fixed telephone line, you may not be able to use Sky Multi-room once your number has been ported. It is advised you check before you switch.

FastFibre provides speeds up to 100Mb and 1Gb in some areas. This means that not only will you be able to browse and download files quicker, but all other Internet users in the household will experience faster Internet response times.
Whether they are using tablets, smartphones or laptops, your entire household will be able to use the Internet simultaneously and benefit from superfast FastFibre speeds.

Yes, FastFibre is only available on a 6 or 12-month contract. If you have an existing contract with Fastcom we can simply swap you onto the new FastFibre contract without incurring any additional fees.

Yes, just call our sales team on 1890 71 71 71 option 2. They will be able to advise and suggest the best package for you.

To view your call history please visit the site: Enter your pin and associated e-mail (this information would have been given in your Welcome to Fastcom booklet. If you have mislaid, please call our office). Once logged in please select “cdr” from the list of options on the left-hand side and then enter the dates. Click the magnifying glass to search. The call, duration of call and any cost will now be visible.

In order to cancel your account, we need a signed disconnection form and 30 days’ notice. The 30 days applies upon receipt of signed disconnection form. Disconnection requests mid-month will result in a partial payment for the following month.

Please contact Fastcom customer care team so we can close the account or transfer it into a new name. There is no notice period or termination fees where the account holder has passed away.

Service can be transferred to a new location however we cannot guarantee we will be able to get signal for you at your new address. A €50 relocation fee is required along with a signed relocation form.  A new 12-month contract applies. Please complete the relocation form at least 7 working days ahead of your move to your new address. On the day, our technician will remove equipment from the original address. He will then proceed to the new address where he will do a signal test. Based on this he will then be able to proceed with the install at the new property.

Alternatively, you can arrange a transfer of connection for the new tenant to take over the account if you are moving to an area that is not fibre enabled or is outside our wireless coverage area. Please visit our forms section.

Eircode is the new postcode system that was introduced to Ireland in July 2015. Having your Eircode means we can check for the availability of fibre where the address does not have a house name or number. Also, our technicians can find your house easily in the event of a callout in areas with poor mobile phone signal.

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