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100Mb Wireless Broadband Now Available in Coolaney

Coolaney residents, we’ve got some great news for you!! Fastcom’s 100Mb wireless broadband is now available across Coolaney & surrounding areas.

The arrival of our fastest ever wireless broadband to Coolaney swiftly follows launches in both Kinlough and Rosses Point.

The rollout of 100Mb wireless broadband across Coolaney means residents and businesses alike can take full advantage of having the fastest internet speeds available. From enhanced casual browsing, buffer-free streaming and an uninterrupted work-from-home lifestyle to the everyday running of a business, our 100Mb wireless broadband service is the perfect option for all.

Why 100Mb Wireless Broadband?

It’s super annoying having to wait for pages to load, regardless of how frequently you use the internet right? 100Mb wireless broadband can resolve common internet problems such as this.

For people looking for entertainment with their families as well as those who require a robust network for their careers, a high-speed broadband connection is a worthwhile investment. You won’t just be able to browse the web without having to reload pages; you’ll also be able to open numerous pages at once with incredible speed.

If there are multiple internet users in your home, the connection may be slow if high-speed capabilities aren’t used. Whereas, multiple users can access the internet simultaneously if you have high-speed internet service. For instance, one family member might be doing internet research while another is watching a movie. A third family member may simultaneously use their smartphone to access the internet and download a new app. Everyone in the family can use the internet at once without a connection issue thanks to Fastcom’s super-speed wireless broadband.

Our 100Mb wireless network is currently available in Coolaney, Kinlough, Rosses Point & surrounds with more areas coming online frequently.

If you are in these areas, call us on 071 91 74092 or drop us a message to find out more.

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