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9 Key Benefits of Choosing Fibre Broadband for Business

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

9 Key Benefits of Choosing Fibre Broadband for Business
9 Key Benefits of Choosing Fibre Broadband for Business

Let’s consider our working days. Checking emails, downloading documents, sending files, participating in video conferences and uploading data to cloud storage are all things we do. All of those procedures rely on the internet, however. This makes broadband one of the most important communication tools in contemporary business.

Businesses must keep up with the pace demanded of them as consumer and employee behaviour changes. A business’s ability to keep up with client demands, remain competitive in the market, and remain highly relevant depends on having a quick business internet connection.

The majority of businesses across Ireland are choosing fibre broadband and here is why:

1. Fibre Broadband is Fast

Your employees can send emails, download large attachments and upload data more quickly, all while completing projects on time. Availing of speeds up to 10Gb, your business will never face slow connection speeds. Therefore, say goodbye to webpage latency and slow response times.

2. Scalable and Reliable Internet

For your business to succeed, you must have a dependable internet connection because any unanticipated outage can completely halt communication and productivity inside your organisation. Fortunately, a fibre internet connection has many advantages in terms of reliability. Weather is unlikely to have an impact on fibre internet, and it is also immune to electrical and human interference.

When your business expands, flexible bandwidth options guarantee exceptional performance and can be quickly changed to meet those needs without the addition of more hardware.

3. Fibre for Business Can Save You Money

The transition to fibre is an investment, but the long-term advantages eventually outweigh the expense. Speed alone guarantees enhanced effectiveness and productivity at work. Since no new hardware or equipment needs to be added after your fibre is installed, upgrades and updates are almost automatic. Fast fibre line speeds that enable businesses to seamlessly move their IT infrastructure to the cloud also have an influence on operating costs. This gives the option of removing physical servers, which lowers monthly power costs by reducing electricity use. Additionally, because their IT is outsourced, several businesses are considering moving to the cloud because they lack the staff on-site to handle servers. This results in substantial cost savings.

4. Low Latency Internet

Another term for delays that happen as data is processed over an internet connection is latency. Many of the latency problems customers see with cable internet are eliminated by fibre broadband. In

particular, when downloading or uploading video or high-definition content. In terms of latency, some key benefits of choosing fibre broadband for your business are:

  • improved voice quality for VoIP users

  • more apps can be moved to the cloud

  • download larger files quickly and without interruption

  • increase team collaboration within the organisation

5. Fibre Offers Symmetrical Line Speeds

The term “symmetrical line speed” describes having simultaneous access to the same download and upload rates. This enables your staff to work more productively, which is good for business. Your staff will be able to upload files, access the cloud immediately, and complete projects on schedule thanks to a more dependable connection made possible by a symmetrical line.


No internet bottlenecks: Large file transfers and phone conversations won’t burden the network if your upload and download speeds are the same.

Uploads are quicker: We have all experienced the situation where you are trying to upload a large file to the cloud but it is taking an eternity. You can upload that document at the same speed that you downloaded it with a symmetrical connection.

Better cloud service accessibility: What use is an application if you can’t use it? High upload speeds are necessary for cloud-based apps like CRM or file-sharing services. Symmetrical line speeds mean your cloud accessibility will never be affected.

6. Fibre is Readily Available and Secure

One effective technique to strengthen your business’s defence against cybercrime is by using business-grade fibre internet. In contrast to copper lines, hacking into a fibre connection requires cutting the fibre optic cable physically, which would ultimately disrupt the internet connection. Hence, business fibre greatly improves the security of data transfer.

Better yet, if you opt for a dedicated fibre connection, you won’t have to share it with anybody else. This makes the service considerably more secure and less susceptible to interference. The availability of services with a shared connection, such as cable modems and 4G services, relies on how much bandwidth other network users are using.

7. Fibre Internet Supports HD Video

Telephone conference calls and video conferencing are crucial tools for sales, marketing, and staff training for many businesses. Your company can raise its investment in video conferencing as a tool for business without reducing available bandwidth if it has a fibre internet connection.

8.Boosts Productivity by Enabling More Effective Communication

Low productivity is the outcome of a slow internet connection. Although the amount of time your teams have to wait due to slow internet may seem insignificant at first, it soon mounts up. Internet connectivity should never hinder productivity. It should be a tool that encourages your staff to work efficiently.

Business-grade fibre is 50 times quicker than the fastest ADSL connection, enabling your staff to work online more easily, accomplish more, and do so more quickly and without as much stress. There is no time for low-quality and subpar audio as businesses increasingly rely on long-distance communication technologies like Skype and Zoom.

9. Increased Bandwidth

Contrary to other internet connections, fibre broadband offers substantially greater capacity. High bandwidth activities like file sharing, cloud computing, and downloading large attachments can put a strain on your network. Thanks to fibre internet, however, your connection will never be impacted, even when network demands increase.

Do you wish to increase productivity and streamline your business? Look no further than Fastcom when choosing fibre broadband for your business.

Speak to a Fastcom expert today and connect your business to high-speed internet. Dedicated fibre connectivity with symmetrical speeds up to 10Gb and 1 Day SLA.


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