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A Guide to Business Broadband

One of the most crucial resources in today’s business sector is broadband. It is essential to be connected to a dependable service no matter where you are located. Therefore, when choosing which business broadband is right for your organisation, it’s important to consider all of your business requirements. Then find the best broadband package needed to support these.

Although bandwidth is frequently mentioned, it is not the sole factor for many. In order to choose a business broadband plan that meets your needs, you must also consider factors such as data caps, the broadband’s intended usage, the number of users, support, security, and resilience.

Our guide to business broadband outlines some pointers we give when helping organisations choose the right broadband package for them.


The most frequently mentioned factor when discussing business broadband is bandwidth. Simply, how much your employees are likely to download and upload each month. Broadband usage will be influenced by things like how many employees will use the connection, whether or not you provide visitors free WiFi, and the nature of the data being uploaded and downloaded. Smaller amounts are needed for text-based communications like email, whereas larger amounts are needed for cloud use or audio, video, and image downloads. The download and upload speeds of a broadband connection are typically stated in megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (GB/s).

Data Caps

Another factor we ask our business customers to consider is data caps or limits. Downloading data once you reach your data cap will incur extra charges. So, ensuring you choose the right broadband package from the start will not only guarantee the smooth-running of online activity but will also save you money in the long run.


Can your business survive if your broadband goes down for an hour or a day? This is an important question we ask all of our business customers. When there is a problem with the primary connection, resilience measures such as a backup broadband connection can prove vital. This is important in many industries where having a 24/7 internet connection is a necessity.

Other Factors Include:

Phone Services

Are you currently making phone calls using VoIP? VoIP enables your organisation to place low-cost or free international calls via the internet. If you are, dependable broadband is essential. Fast download and upload speeds are necessary if your organisation employs video conferencing in order to guarantee dependable service. Today, many businesses regularly depend on cloud-based tools like Microsoft Office 365, which calls for sufficient bandwidth and resiliency.


Is there support on the other end of the phone line? For busy organisations, having top-notch support is essential to your peace of mind in the event that your connection experiences a problem. At Fastcom, we pride ourselves on providing our business customers with only the best customer services, ensuring we are there with solutions to hand whenever you need us.


A different factor to take into account is security. If your broadband provider offers security add-ons, this is something else worth considering. No matter how big or small a firm is, cyber security is becoming more and more crucial.

Whatever your organisation’s needs are, we offer many types of business broadband packages that can be tailored to your specific requirements. The right package will allow your organisation to become more adaptable and more able to meet the needs of your staff, customers, and suppliers.

Hopefully, our guide to business broadband helps you determine what to look for when choosing broadband for your organisation. If you’re still unsure which business broadband package would be the most beneficial for your company, contact the Fastcom team by email or call us on 0818 70 71 71 to discuss your business broadband options.

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