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Business Broadband Client Testimonial – SG Education

We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary with our client SG Education, and they’ve shared their experience with Fastcom to date. Check out their business broadband client testimonial:

“SG Education is a growing business in the Educational Supplies Sector. Moving from a large national supplier to Fastcom Business Broadband is a change that we are delighted to have made.

In terms of both technical and customer service, Fastcom has been thoroughly professional, delivering on time and as promised. We were so impressed with their initial service that we were happy to trust Lorraine and her team with installing a VoIP system to deal with a growing volume of telephone calls. We now have four lines where we previously had two for the same cost and a much more sophisticated system that allows us to automatically transfer calls to mobile for anyone that is out of the building. The system also gives us an individual voicemail, and a host of other features to make communications easier. We definitely feel that Fastcom put a huge effort into their customer service and makes their customers feel that their business is important.

In a time when any outage can have a major effect, we are confident that Fastcom will provide the best service possible to mitigate and resolve any issues.”

Connect your business to high-speed internet with Fastcom today. Dedicated fibre connectivity with symmetrical speeds up to 10Gb and 1 Day SLA.

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