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Fibre Broadband Provider in Coolaney: Discover Fastcom’s High-Speed Broadband with Open eir Network Upgrades

Great news for Coolaney residents and businesses! Thanks to recent, long-awaited upgrades to the Open eir fibre network, Fastcom is now equipped to bring you the fastest and most reliable fibre broadband services in your area. Whether for streaming, gaming, or working from home, our enhanced fibre broadband is here to change your online interactions.

Fibre Broadband Provider Coolaney

Why Choose Fastcom as Your Fibre Broadband Provider in Coolaney?

  • State-of-the-Art Speeds: With newly enhanced network capabilities, choose from 500Mb or 1Gb speeds that meet all your broadband needs.

  • Lifetime Price Promise: Enjoy consistent pricing with our Lifetime Price Promise—what you sign up for is what you pay, with no surprises.

  • Complimentary Installation and Modem: Switch to Fastcom effortlessly with our free installation service and receive a modern, high-speed modem at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited Data: Forget about data limits with our unlimited usage plans, ideal for streaming, downloading, and more, without restrictions.

The Benefits of Upgraded Fibre Broadband

The Open eir network upgrades bring several significant improvements to broadband services in Coolaney:

  • Enhanced Speed and Capacity: The upgrade means faster download and upload speeds, reducing wait times and allowing for smoother streaming and browsing.

  • Greater Reliability: Fibre optic technology is less prone to interference and provides a more consistent and reliable broadband connection, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Scalability for Future Needs: As demands for higher bandwidth grow, the upgraded network is well-positioned to handle increased loads with continued efficiency.


Call our sales team now on 0818 70 71 71 to get FREE INSTALLATION

How to Switch to Fastcom Fibre in Coolaney

Becoming a Fastcom customer is straightforward:

  1. Contact us via our website or by calling our dedicated sligo support team on 0818 70 71 71.

  2. Select the package that suits your speed needs and set up an appointment for your free installation.

  3. Enjoy high-speed broadband with robust reliability and no installation hassle.

With the latest enhancements to the Open eir fibre network, Fastcom is proud to offer superior broadband services in Coolaney. Don’t settle for less than the best.

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