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Gold Standard Connectivity at Sligo Credit Union

A member-owned organisation founded more than 55 years ago; Sligo Credit Union (SCU) provides its database of over 35,000 members with control over their financial wellbeing.

Reflecting the Credit Union’s values of community-orientated, honesty and trustworthiness, every member has an equal opportunity to vote on and participate in decisions made by the leading non-profit financial institution.

This customer-centric focus means the SCU team relies on the technology and software they use throughout day-to-day operations. Over time, they’ve made significant developments to stay up-to-date with a dynamic business climate, rising regulations and expanding member obligations. One such development was their move to an ultra-reliable, dedicated internet connection. This integral decision led them to Sligo-based Fastcom, one of Ireland’s largest telecom providers.

Fastcom’s Partnership with SCU

The Challenge

Growing dependence on the Cloud and switching its membership software led to SCU requiring a more secure, dedicated internet connection for the SCU team and its members.

Its growing database and ever-expanding list of services provided an additional requirement for a backup line to ensure non-interruption to services and customer communication during any connection downtimes.

The Solution

Fastcom’s Dedicated Fibre for Business

Fastcom installed a dedicated fibre connection for SCU. This service provides a private, dedicated internet connection solely for SCU’s use which, in turn, guarantees bandwidth (both upload and download) at all times, avoiding any form of network congestion.

The 100% fibre connection means SCU can perform business activity faster, whether it’s processing transactions, communicating with customers remotely or loading apps from the Cloud.

Dedicated Fibre Vital in Supporting MYCU Services

The need for guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical speeds is vital regarding SCU’s MYCU Debit Card and Current Account facilities also. Part of the Mastercard network, MYCU offers several features including contactless payment, cash withdrawal and pay at point of sale or online. Cardholders can also access their money 24/7 using SCU’s mobile and online banking app and round-the-clock support.

Fastcom’s services make all of this possible with its guaranteed bandwidth, enterprise SLA times and a dedicated customer support team to hand when needed. Chairperson of Sligo Credit Union, Shona Heffernan, explains:

“At Sligo Credit Union, we require a high speed, reliable and future-proof internet connection to provide critical backend services to our members. Fastcom provides us with an outstanding and dedicated service that gives us peace of mind in our day-to-day activities. With our continued growth and more members than ever accessing our online facilities, it is imperative that we can offer them a secure and high-quality service.”

Also critical to organisations like Sligo Credit Union is the 24/7 SLA that comes with this dedicated connection. Guaranteeing always-there customer support is something that is at the forefront at Fastcom. This customer support proved crucial in SCU’s move to Wine Street.

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