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Fastcom & SIRO: Empowering Lucan with Ultra-Fast Full Fibre Broadband

We're excited to announce that ultra-fast, full fibre broadband is now available in Lucan through Fastcom, your trusted retail service provider of SIRO. This means residents and businesses in Lucan can now enjoy lightning-fast broadband speeds, transforming the way they connect, work, and play online. Join us as we bring cutting-edge connectivity to the heart of Lucan

SIRO Lucan Fastcom
SIRO Lucan Fastcom

Fibre Connectivity Coming to Lucan

SIRO's work to expand the network in Lucan has already begun, with the first customers set to connect from September 2024 onwards. This rollout will provide high-speed, reliable broadband to 1,600 premises in Lucan, spanning key areas such as Laraghcon, Rokeby Park, Lucan Main Street, Sarsfield Park, Lucan Heights, and Ardeevin Estate, among others.

Empowering Lucan with Fastcom and SIRO

At Fastcom, we're committed to delivering the best broadband experience to communities across Ireland. By partnering with SIRO, we're able to leverage their extensive infrastructure and expertise to bring cutting-edge broadband technology to Lucan and beyond.

Why Choose Fastcom and SIRO?

Unmatched Speed and Reliability: With full fibre broadband from Fastcom and SIRO, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and a reliable connection for all your online activities.

Future-Proofed Technology: SIRO's network is built for the future, ensuring that you have the bandwidth and capabilities needed to embrace emerging technologies and digital innovations.

Community Impact: Access to high-speed broadband is essential for community growth and prosperity. By bringing full fibre broadband to Lucan, we're empowering individuals, families, and businesses to thrive in today's digital world.

Join Us on the Fastcom and SIRO Journey!

Are you ready to experience the next level of broadband? Join us on the Fastcom and SIRO journey and be among the first to enjoy high-speed, full fibre broadband in Lucan! Register your interest today at to stay updated on availability and exciting developments in your area.

CALL US TODAY 0818 70 71 71

Discover the Possibilities with Fastcom and SIRO

We're dedicated to unlocking endless possibilities for Lucan and beyond. Discover the power of high-speed, full fibre broadband with Fastcom and SIRO. Visit to learn more and register your interest today!

A Message from SIRO CEO, John Keaney

Commenting on the network rollout in Lucan, SIRO CEO John Keaney expressed his excitement about bringing high-speed, reliable broadband to the expanding Lucan community. He highlighted the transformative impact of fast broadband in enabling sustainable living, productivity, and access to essential services online.

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