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Fastcom Welcomes SIRO Fibre Broadband Expansion in Limerick

Fastcom is thrilled to announce the development for our customers in Newcastle West – the introduction of SIRO's cutting-edge fibre broadband network.

SIRO in Limerick New Castle Fastcom

What Does This Mean for You?

SIRO, Ireland’s premier broadband network operator, is extending its full fibre connectivity to nearly 3,100 premises in Newcastle West. This means that residents and business owners in Newcastle West now have access to super-fast broadband speeds via Fastcom, with 2,000 premises already completed and available for order today. The remaining 1,100 premises will be finalised by August, ensuring comprehensive coverage for residents and businesses alike.

Key Areas to Benefit

Residents and businesses in areas such as South Quay, Templegreen, Churchtown Road, Church Street, Knightscourt, Knockane Road, and many more will experience the transformative power of SIRO fibre broadband. This expansion represents a significant milestone in strengthening digital infrastructure within Newcastle West and the broader county.

Unparalleled Connectivity

With over 35,000 homes and businesses already enjoying SIRO's network in Limerick City, the introduction of SIRO to Newcastle West reinforces their commitment to providing unparalleled connectivity to communities across Ireland. Fastcom customers can now join the thousands who are benefiting from SIRO's high-speed, future-proofed broadband infrastructure.

How to Get Connected

As your trusted broadband provider, Fastcom is proud to offer SIRO fibre broadband to our customers in Newcastle West. Simply visit our website at or contact our customer service team on 0818 70 71 71 to place your order today. Whether you're a homeowner looking to stream your favorite shows or a business owner needing reliable business connectivity for your operations, we have a solution tailored to your needs.

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