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SIRO for Business

Connect Your Business to 100% Fibre Optic Broadband 

Empowering Your Business: Reliable Connectivity, Unmatched Speed, and Support You Can Count On

Say Goodbye to Downtime 

A SIRO Business connection guarantees an industry-leading service level agreement, ensuring that 95% of faults are resolved within a single day.

Instant Access to Cloud Applications

With SIRO's 100% fibre connection, your business gains immediate access to cloud-based software, empowering seamless operations.

Transform Your Business Growth

Satisfied customers and clients means great reviews and referrals, opening your business up to new opportunities to grow and thrive 

Get scalable symmetric speeds, starting from 100Mb and extending up to 10Gb, providing your business with unparalleled flexibility and readiness for the future.

Check Your Coverage

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Fastcom Customer Story

Sligo Chamber of Commerce Takes the Lead in Digital Transformation with SIRO Lightpulse

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Businessman Using Laptop_edited.jpg

We connect.

You Communicate

Experience Unmatched Business Support for Your Broadband Needs with Our Dedicated Team

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