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High-Speed Broadband Network Extended Across Sligo

We are continuing to add more and more areas around Sligo to our broadband network!

Is your area listed below? If so, one or more of Fastcom’s SUPER-FAST BROADBAND OPTIONS is now available in your area!

Check Your Eircode Today

Use our handy Eircode Coverage Checker to find out what broadband options are available in your area currently.

Benefit to the max from having the fastest internet connections possible. Our broadband network options range from 10Mb to 1Gb, making Fastcom the ideal internet provider for every household. From enhanced casual browsing to buffer-free streaming and an uninterrupted work-from-home lifestyle, users can take full advantage of having the fastest internet speeds available.

If you are in these areas, call us on 071 91 74092 or drop us a message to find out more.


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