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Broadband Business Connectivity – Why You Need a Backup

The digital transformation boom is here, and now more than ever we rely on secure consistent broadband business connectivity to ensure business continuity. The availability of your business broadband connection has never been so critical!

Did you know that 94% of businesses these days use the cloud for some element of their IT operations?

Enterprises that have integrated cloud-based services into their operations have gained many benefits:

  • Flexibility of work – work from anywhere in the world

  • Scalability – as your business grows you can easily scale your cloud platforms

  • Cost-effective – reduced IT costs, as less management required

  • Automatic updates

  • VOIP phone services hosted in the cloud

With this trend continuing, there is a significant number of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that cease business operations online. It is evident it is even more necessary for businesses to have reliable, always-on connectivity to ensure they are not left vulnerable. How would your business cope if you were unable to access any of your cloud applications for a period of 3-5 working days (standard broadband repair SLA guidelines)?

One way to ensure 24/7 uptime is for a business to have both a primary and a backup secondary broadband connection.

Ideally, the primary and backup connections are diverse, e.g. one wireless and one fibre/ethernet connection. This ensures there is no single, physical point of failure on the business premises. Another option for a backup connection is to use cellular data, i.e. 3G/4G mobile data.

Broadband Business Connectivity – Benefits of Having An Always-On Service:

Avoids business disruption

Unforeseen network outages can happen at any time, it could be due to power outages, natural disasters, network maintenance, or malicious software attacks on your primary connection. A secondary “backup” broadband connection would eliminate downtime for your business if this was to happen.

Maintains productivity

When your business connectivity fails, your employees are unable to do any work. This can also lead to stress and less productivity within your operations. A secondary broadband connection will give you a backup plan, taking care of your business and employees.

A better customer experience

Keeping customers happy and connected to your business is a necessity in any business operation. If your primary broadband connection fails, this can have a huge impact on your current customer and potential customer base, as they are unable to contact or get a response from your business via online platforms (emails, customer relation platforms). If your business operates a VOIP telephone service – downtime on your connectivity means your phone system is down also. Consequently, your business really ends up a closed box for all communications. A secondary “backup” broadband connection would give you a smooth failover (no downtime)-keeping your customers connected to the heart of your business at all times.

Auto Failover

An auto-failover is the best thing you can think about implementing into your business IT operations. Once you have

a secondary “backup” connection in place, an advanced firewall or router can automate the switch instantly between your connections.

Avoids revenue and profit loss

No business wants to lose revenue or profit. Downtime in your broadband connectivity can cost your business a significant amount of loss. In respect of this, a secondary broadband connection is an added value and peace of mind for your business. The secondary “backup” broadband connection can also be utilised alongside your primary connection and does not have to be a dormant connection. Your internal IT team can implement the following with the secondary “backup” connection

Critical traffic can be routed through the fastest connection in your business

  • Instantaneous failover between lines can be implemented

  • The business teams’ essential projects and operations can be run on an isolated connection

  • Create a guest network using your “backup “secondary connection

  • Capitalize on your connection by load balancing the bandwidth between both connections

At Fastcom, we partner with a number of wholesalers to provide world-class, dedicated, symmetrical business connectivity throughout Ireland with bandwidths ranging from 10Mb to 10Gb. This, along with our own network’s wireless infrastructure and other fibre options, means we can deliver diversity to your internet service options.

If this is something you have not thought about for your business, please get in touch and we can help you determine what the best option is for you.


Call: 1890 70 71 71

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