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Dedicated v Standard Broadband – What Your Business Needs

Do you know the difference between dedicated v standard broadband and what each can do for your business?? Here’s Fastcom’s guide to choosing the optimum service for your business when it comes to dedicated v standard broadband:

Dedicated Service:

Dedicated broadband circuits are delivered via fibre or wireless links. These circuits are specifically built for your business and are not shared with anyone else. This guarantees a high quality of service at all times. These circuits can deliver superfast connectivity with symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 1Gb. Furthermore, an enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) means any issues or faults are resolved within hours and not days. This is a necessity when your business is dependent on its connectivity on a day-to-day basis.

Standard Service:

Standard broadband circuits are delivered using either wireless, copper or fibre links. These have contended circuits where the network is shared with other users in the immediate vicinity. Standard services usually come with an SLA of 4-5 working days meaning it could be up to a week before any fixes are in place.

Dedicated v Standard Broadband – Backup Connectivity:

No matter which option you choose for your business, we always recommend you have a diverse backup circuit in place. This circuit can be used for some services on an ongoing basis but really comes to the fore when the primary circuit encounters an issue or fault. These days, 94% of businesses use the cloud for some element of their IT operations. That is why it is necessary for businesses to have reliable, always-on connectivity to ensure they are not left vulnerable. A backup connection will ensure this.

Please get in touch with Fastcom and we can help you determine what the best option is for you.

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